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Arden Dies secures second die making accreditation

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Bobst runs a die making certification programme, which is an advanced certification for professional die makers to provide high performance tooling.

Arden Dies has recently passed the certification process for flatbed corrugated (SPO). This comes after the company was awarded the certification for flatbed folding carton (SP) back in 2020, making it the first UK die maker to hold accreditations for both areas of die making.

Sarah Poynter, operations manager at Arden, said: ‘Arden Dies has been a leader in the die making and packaging industry in the UK for almost 60 years, and we pride ourselves on our high quality tooling, innovation and die making expertise, so we are delighted to be a Bobst certified die maker for both folding carton and flatbed corrugated.

‘The die makers certification programme is guarantee of excellence, so our customers can be confident we have the skills, knowledge and equipment to deliver the highest quality tooling that will enable the Bobst presses to operate at optimum performance, helping further cement our position as a leading die maker.’

The rigorous certification programme involved an on-site audit at Arden Dies’ purpose built factory site in Marple, Stockport, as well as a tooling machine validation trial at the Bobst Competence Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Certified die makers have been identified as having a positive, forward thinking attitude towards quality standards, innovation, automation and digitalisation, ensuring they possess the mindset and approach to production that converters ask for.

As part of the certification process, die makers' capabilities, knowledge and understanding of tooling processes are assessed and developed by a Bobst tooling specialist, helping make sure that they work in the right way and correctly optimise their equipment to produce the highest quality dies which deliver the highest performance on press.

Once certified, die makers are also provided with a huge range of support systems and exclusive tooling products – everything they need to provide converters with best in class products.

Arden Dies, which is part of the Arden Group also comprising Arden Engraving and Arden Software, was established in 1964 and specialises in die and tooling manufacture for the packaging and carton industry.


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