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Clingfoil joins Samuel Grant Group

Packaging Solutions

The Samuel Grant Group, which includes Samuel Grant Packaging, is delighted to announce that Clingfoil has joined the group.

Based in Stockport and with £7 million annual sales, Clingfoil is one of the North West’s largest independent distributors of protective packaging materials and stretch film product solutions, providing goods to a wide range of customers across distribution, e-commerce, and manufacturing markets.

By bringing Clingfoil’s manufacturing capabilities into the group, Samuel Grant will be able to combine expertise and actively seek out new innovations and products that can deliver improvements and efficiencies for its customers. The acquisition will allow the team to further develop and research a 30% recycled machine and hand stretch film for pallet wrapping. In the light of the recent plastic tax, the ability to research and develop new films in-house will add a huge amount of value to Samuel Grant’s stretch film and pallet wrapping proposition.

Clingfoil was established in 1982 by brothers Mark and Paul Kenyon, and has grown organically over the years, driven by a strong focus on partnerships and customer collaboration, evidenced by a significant number of longstanding relationships within its customer base and an excellent reputation across its networks. The brothers have now reached retirement.

There are an overwhelming number of similarities between the two businesses in terms of culture, family values and the support given to employees – all 21 of the Clingfoil staff will continue to work there when the merge happens. Clingfoil will also retain its office, warehousing and manufacturing facility. Whilst Paul Kenyon has already retired, Mark will stay within the business to facilitate a seamless transition for the company and conduct a detailed handover of operations.

Andrew Grant, Samuel Grant Group’s joint managing director said, ‘Given the challenges of international supply that we are finding, adding a UK manufacturing arm to our business will help hugely with continuing to provide our customers with the best possible service. It will also allow us to conduct in-depth research into more environmentally friendly alternatives to virgin polymer stretch wrap, and help us to introduce effective stretchwrapping solutions with increased recycled content to help reduce the impact of the plastic tax.’

The Clingfoil team.


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