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Color-Logic verifies three Canon production digital presses for Skandacor Sleekpro

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Color-Logic has evaluated and verified ‘sleeking’ on Canon's imagePress V900, V1000, and V1350 presses, using the Skandacor Sleekpro process. The process evaluated enables owners of imagePress series presses to produce up to 924 foil colours with a single silver based foil. The process also enables these printers to produce a wide array of embellishments with Color-Logic palettes and plugins for Adobe Creative Cloud.


Commenting on the process, Color-Logic director of sales and marketing Mark Geeves, said: ‘The Skandacor process, together with Color-Logic software and the extraordinary registration of Canon imagePress digital presses, is the perfect means of producing sleeking. The Color-Logic design tools create a single separation containing all the colours and effects. The Color-Logic separation is printed with Canon black toner and is then sent through the Skandacor foiling unit where the foil only attaches to the black toner. This foiled sheet is then sent back through the Canon digital press where CMYK inks are printed atop the file. The results are outstanding foiled sheets for a variety of printing applications including direct mail, counter signs, certificates, coupons, and cartons. This sleeking solution can open new markets and applications for the users of these Canon digital presses.’




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