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Colourfast Financial Limited elevates efficiency with Horizon HT-80

Finishing Solutions

Colourfast Financial Limited, based in Brentwood, has elevated its post press efficiency and productivity following investment in an Horizon HT-80 three knife trimmer from IFS.

The specialist in all aspects of financial printing, from complex Initial Public Offerings to fast turnaround business compliance documents for global financial markets, has more than 100 years experience in the financial printing sector. It operates a Konica Minolta suite of digital presses 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

‘We have had Horizon systems for many years,’ stated managing director Darren Bacon. ‘They have grown as our business has grown. We started with a single clamp Horizon BQ-270 perfect binder following advice from a customer. We later added an Horizon HT-30 three side trimmer and second BQ-270 before expanding capacity with a BQ-470 four clamp perfect binder and an HT-70 three knife trimmer. As we are a 24 hour operation we kept one of the BQ-270s just in case we needed it but we never have. Our Horizon systems have never let us down.’

He added, ‘When we first invested in Horizon we were told that the systems would never break down. I thought that was a nice line because everything breaks down eventually, but it has turned out to be completely correct.’

‘Return on Investment was not the key driver for choosing the HT-80,’ stated Darren. ‘We know that before we have earnt back on our investment with our Horizon systems so we are confident in the HT-80’s ability to do the same. More important was choosing a system with a high level of safety functions that also allowed us to ensure socially distanced operation. We have quite a small production space and with the automated Horizon HT-80 less people are required to complete the work. We also know what it would be able to do and how it would support greater efficiency and productivity.’

The Horizon HT-80 automated three knife trimmer can be used off line or in line for fast, efficient book production. Most sections can be set up automatically by inputting the untrimmed size and finished size into the intuitive colour touch screen for quick and accurate change over. It can run at up to 1000 cycles per hour and trim blocks up to 51 mm thick.


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