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Following a thorough bindery review to assess productivity and ways to further streamline operations, KJS Mail has invested in Horizon booklet production line.

The Peterborough print and direct mail specialist chose a new Horizon VAC-1000 collator to integrate with a pre-owned Horizon SPF-200s bookletmaker. A MKU-54 mobile knife unit was added to complete endorsed folding.

Stuart Speechley, managing director, explained: ‘We needed a new stitcher and collator to streamline our digital and litho print. We also wanted a solution that would endorse A4 booklets to A5 because a lot of the mail we manage is C5. We were looking to speed up the process, reduce the manual intervention and increase capacity.

‘By bringing our capabilities up to date we knew we could be more efficient and experience less downtime. We have just put an 80,000 run through the system and it has saved us many hours. We can let it run and that means our team can turn their attention other systems at the same time.’

The VAC-1000 takes advantage of an innovative feeding technology and continues the Horizon development concept of ‘high speed’, ‘high performance’ and ‘high quality’. It performs a wide range of applications with flexible but powerful programming and user friendly operation.

Stuart continued, ‘We have invested in Horizon before and know and trust the build quality, production reliability and product consistency. Our team are also used to working with Horizon’s touchscreen set up so were immediately familiar with its operation and found it easy to run.

‘We believe that this was the best solution to help us more efficiently manage our workload. It handles the jobs better and staff are confident in their ability to operate it and consistently produce high quality results.’

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