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Konica Minolta unveils AccurioPress C14000e Series

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Konica Minolta has unveiled the enhanced AccurioPress C14000e Series.

Launched globally in October 2019, Konica Minolta has sold more than 700 AccurioPress C14000/C12000 machines in Europe that have won several international awards and produced an estimated 8.4 billion A4 sheets in a three year time span.

The AccurioPress C14000e prints at 140 pages per minute in A4 and is 40% faster than any other toner based device from Konica Minolta. Together with the AccurioPress C12000e, a second model in the series that has a speed of 120 pages per minute, the flagship production presses were the company’s first foray into the high volume toner printing segment, which has seen growth rates return to virtually pre-pandemic levels.

The improvements to the C14000/C12000 Series follow customer feedback as Konica Minolta continues to grow its position within high production printing markets for colour toner machines.

The important new features of the AccurioPress C14000e/C12000e presses include:

  • Colour and imaging, productivity, management, and connection upgrades through the EFI Fiery Controller Version 2.1.

  • Latest Firmware with dozens of software additions and improvements. These range from the IQ-501 AQA (auto quality adjustment), RIP, media sensor and PrintManager enhancements, plus expansion of paper basis weights, banner paper support and general improved usability.

  • A wide range of automised finishing options to create ready made print products that save time.

Malcolm Smith, category manager – professional print, commented: ‘The C14000e/C12000e presses represent another significant success story for Konica Minolta. The enhancements to the presses are helping customers to expand and streamline their businesses. This is achieved through advanced automation, fewer human touchpoints and higher productivity with tangible effects and less waste. Working closely in partnership, we are continuously helping our customers to rethink possibilities in a constantly evolving world, creating new and exciting opportunities.’

In addition to the Series offers efficiency in high volume production, with automatic pre-print adjustment and print quality inspection functions, as well as media sensor that lets users know the optimal print settings. These innovations enable printing companies to not only minimise wasted time but also hire operators from diverse backgrounds without special skills.

The company has received Ingede accreditation from the international association of the deinking industry and the internationally recognised BS standard 5609 for printed pressure sensitive, adhesive coated labels for goods due for marine shipment. In addition, the C14000 and C12000 printers have been certified for their food grade safe toner.


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