Mount Street Printers unveil new installation by Makerie Studio made from Fedrigoni paper

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Mount Street Printers has collaborated with Fedrigoni UK and creative workshop Makerie Studio on a new installation at its store in the heart of Mayfair. The window display commemorates the 40th anniversary of the family run business producing luxury stationery, and celebrates the art of printing.

Since 1981, Mount Street Printers has produced fine stationery and printed materials using techniques that balance traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology. Taking inspiration from the printing machines that date back 80 years and are still used by the printer today to create bespoke, hand crafted print, Makerie Studio has created a three-dimensional sculpture of an antique printing press made entirely using Fedrigoni paper. Titled ‘Make Your Mark’, the display also features archival materials showcasing the breadth of work produced over the last four decades.

Makerie Studio, which specialises in crafting intricate sculptural works from fine and rare paper, studied the printing machines which have been collected and carefully restored by the family. The resulting installation brings to life the complex mechanisms found within each of the presses and that lend handmade print its distinctive finish and quality.

Alex Cain, director at Mount Street Printers, said: ‘Over the years, we have sought out beautiful printing machines from all corners of the world and have worked tirelessly to transport and painstakingly restore each one. Every machine has its own unique characteristics and personality. They allow us to produce exceptional work for our clients and this installation really captures the essence and ethos of our business, bringing to life the craftsmanship and skill behind the art of printing.’

The inherent characteristics of the paper played an integral role in the creative process. Makerie Studio used the Fedrigoni Paper Box, which houses the entire library of papers and is intended to help creatives in material selection, to choose a combination of stocks from the Freelife Vellum, Nettuno, Imitlin, Materica and Sirio Pearl ranges. The Oltremare and Acqua shades of blue for the main body of the machine bring a warmth to the installation, which are contrasted against the gold used to recreate the mechanical components.

Penny Greenwood, paper consultant at Fedrigoni UK, said: ‘We continually aim to inspire creatives working with paper, providing them with materials which allow them to push the boundaries of their craft. Alongside being an ode to print, this installation also showcases the versatility and creative potential of paper. As the colour palette was a crucial starting point, Makerie Studio worked with Nettuno Oltremare and Materica Acqua for their earthy tones and rigidity, which were lifted by the vibrancy of the Sirio Pearl Aurum. These were used alongside Freelife Vellum White and Imitlin Cielo Tela embossed for their tactile properties and robust physical construction. It is these unique qualities and finish that give the sculpture a modern look and feel while remaining traditional.’

Joyanne Horscroft at Makerie Studio said, ‘The studio has always been inspired by rare antiquities and beautiful details and this project presented a unique challenge. It was a real labour of love and mimicked the relationship that Mount Street Printers has with its machines. It spends months restoring and reassembling each press to ensure it maintains the integrity of the machines. Similarly, we carefully brought this sculpture to life assembling each cog, button and component made out of paper.

‘When we started designing, the colour palette was incredibly important as a starting point. We wanted to make sure we were able to reflect the heritage of Mount Street Printers, but also its continued relevance today. Being able to work with a broad range of Fedrigoni materials was really exciting. We worked with the papers in various tones, weights and textures depending on the surface or detail to be created and everything pulled together wonderfully.’

‘Make Your Mark’ will be on view at Mount Street Printers, 4 Mount St, Mayfair, London W1K 3LW until 1 June, 2021.

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