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New Revive Mail Wrap

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Denmaur Paper Media has introduced Revive Mail Wrap to its growing stock portfolio, a recycled and recyclable paper wrap that is carbon balanced and stored at its Bardon warehouse for immediate delivery.

Aimed primarily at the growing paper wrap market for magazines and catalogues, the new Revive product has been 12 months in development with a European manufacturer. The result is a robust, highly water resistant and completely sustainable paper wrap that is opaque, printable and capable of delivery in comparatively low weights.

With plastic legislation imminent and the universally bad press that single use plastic has endured in recent years, more and more publications and direct mail are switching to the use of paper wrap.

Danny Doogan, Denmuar’s marketing and sustainability director, commented: ‘Starch based and PE lined paper wraps have been adopted as alternatives to polywrap, but they can also have practical, commercial and sustainable implications that you won’t get with a pure paper product.’

Revive Mail Wrap is made from predominately recycled fibre with a mix of FSC certified virgin and kraft pulp that not only gives it a much higher than average bulk, but also the strength needed in low weights to carry printed materials through the postal process. It is also produced with and exceptionally low Cobb value which gives it a high moisture resistance, providing added protection to the contents within a Revive Mail Wrap product.

The quest to provide a sustainable paper wrap was borne out of Denmaur’s involvement in paper wrap from an early stage.

Denmaur’s managing director, Nick Gee elaborated, ‘Denmaur has always been known for our expertise in the publications market and so were champions of paper wrap right from the start.

‘Because of our reputation for sustainability, and being associated with innovative products such as Revive and Delipac, it was inevitable that we would develop a Revive product for this market that also carries the Carbon Balanced Paper label.’

At present the range consists of five of the most popular reel sizes in 80 g/m2 for convertors, but it is also available in lower weights and bespoke reel sizes on request.


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