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Roland DG creates first ever ‘50 Shades of Ginger’ colour index in celebration of redheads

Colour Solutions

Roland DG has created the first ever ‘50 Shades of Ginger’ colour index to celebrate redheads, using its TrueVis colour technology.

To showcase the vast colour spectrum of red hair, the colour index has been specifically designed for redheads, helping them to find their perfect shade amongst 50 bespoke shades of vibrant reds and oranges.

Undertaking a consumer research study surveying 500 redheads to understand what being a redhead means to them, the findings highlighted that the age of 20 is when redheads learnt to love their locks. Also, by their early 20s, 34% loved the fact their hair stood them apart from blondes and brunettes. But sadly, that wasn't always the case, as 67% spent years battling with their distinctive look – with almost half (48%) even attempting to dye it.

As passionate enthusiasts of colour and standing out from the crowd, Roland DG wanted to celebrate the uniqueness and allure that being a redhead brings and raise awareness of the many different shades of red hair.

To launch the index and research, redhead celebrity and TV quizmaster Jenny Ryan has been recruited as the campaign ambassador and was interviewed on ITV’s Good Morning Britain last week to talk about the campaign.

Proud redhead and TV celebrity Jenny Ryan said, ‘When Roland DG approached me about this campaign, I just had to say yes! As a proud redhead, I have grown to truly love my red hair and embrace the fact it makes me different to others. But I wasn't surprised to hear that wasn't the case for many – growing up with a different hair colour to most was challenging, but now I celebrate my redhead status. If anything, I am proud of it!’

The printing brand is also teaming up with the Redhead Days Festival 2023 as an official lead sponsor at the festival in Tilburg, Netherlands on Friday 25 August through to Sunday 27 August. The brand will be displaying its newly revealed redhead colour index for attendees to find their perfect hair match as part of an experiential experience, and printing branded merchandise on-site for festival goers.

Lauren Swinnerton, head of marketing communications and brand EMEA at Roland DG, commented: ‘Our research found that 54% of redheads would never describe their hair as ‘ginger’ and for years, people have struggled to truly define their hair colour – with many viewing the most common term as somewhat derogatory. So, we got to work to develop 50 shades to show the full spectrum of shades that make up the vast colour gamut of redheads.’

The multi-channel campaign aims to highlight the colour print possibilities using Roland DG's TrueVis technology and expertise, supported by an EMEA PR campaign and event sponsoring the largest redhead festival in the world. The iconic Redhead Days Festival will offer attendees a hands-on look at the printing solutions and colour capabilities available with Roland DG to deliver its most significant event experience for 2023. Attendees will have the chance to find their exact colour match and celebrate their individuality – something that not every redhead has been able to do previously.

‘Being a redhead goes far beyond hair colour – it is a visual representation of individualism, expression and beauty and we strongly believe no one term can define the vast and beautiful shades of redheads, which is why we have created our celebratory redhead colour index,’ continued Lauren. ‘This rings true to the ethos of Roland DG as a global print company that celebrates colour and expressiveness, and thrives on standing out from the crowd.’

The TrueVis range is aimed at sign, graphics and personalisation professionals who want to create colours that immediately turns heads, and can be used for a wide range of applications from signage and banners to vehicle graphics, stickers and labels it is currently available across EMEA.

Editor’s note: As a proud redhead myself, I’m loving this news from Roland DG, highlighting the complexity of beautiful colour.

The index has been specifically designed for redheads, helping them to find their perfect shade amongst 50 bespoke shades of vibrant reds and oranges – including the Sheeran, Canyon and Sunset shades to help find the exact match.


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