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Xante broadens X Series UV flatbed printers with the larger/faster X-55

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Xante has announced the latest addition to its UV flatbed printer line up, the Xante X-55. The X-55 takes the proven UV print technology to the next level with a larger bed size (50'x55”), and doubles the production speeds of the company’s flatbed UV products.

Based on up to four Epson i3200 four channel printheads, the CMYKW X-55 prints in bold vibrant colour on virtually any rigid media including wood, glass, stone, metal, acrylic, coroplast and is powered by the iQueue Adobe Postscript/PDF workflow software.

The X-55 UV flatbed printer will quickly produce full colour signage, decorative items, personalised awards, or promotional items in minutes. With a bed size of 55” x 50”, customers will be able to print up to 6 18”x24” signs simultaneously, dramatically increasing speed and efficiency of production. With Xante’s iQueue Adobe PDF workflow, customers can now achieve magnificent multi-panel wall art, accurately manage spot colours, control print quality, create multi-up imposed layouts, and much more.

With adjustable printhead height up to 3”, and resolutions up to 2880 dpi, the X-55 will allow for printing on a wide array of media with amazing speed and image quality. Printing on dark substrates or clear material is also simple using the white option controls embedded within iQueue Workflow. Users have the option where, when, and how white ink is applied. While the bed size and imaging area are large, the footprint is still compact with a footprint of only 7.5’ x 7.5’ allowing companies of almost any size to add the X-55.

‘The Xante X-55 demonstrates our commitment to the continued expansion of our outstanding flatbed UV printer line up. The world of print is changing and Xante is investing in that future,’ stated Robert Ross CEO and president.

For further details of the Xante range in the UK, please contact CyanX on 0333 321 8521 or e-mail


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