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bakergoodchild has produced a new ‘day in the life of...bakergoodchild’ corporate video, depicting a typical day at its purpose built premises in Birmingham.

The video provides an insight into a typical working day in the life of the busy production facility with direct mail and printed matter being produced on the production floor, together with an overview of the new offices and workforce in action.

Direct mail material is shown being designed and produced, before being sorted for despatch. The insight into this typical day also illustrates work being tracked in production on screen, customer enquiries being handled by account managers, through to the finished material being loaded onto delivery lorries before arriving at their respective destinations.

Managing director Lorraine Burnell stated, ‘Having been in our new premises for quite a while now, we wanted to provide customers with an insight into our new facility, and show what goings on in a typical working day.

‘Obviously being a busy, and more importantly a secure site, not everyone has an opportunity to see where and how we work, so we hope that with this new video we have provided a little bit more of an insight into our working day, so they see for themselves exactly where, and how we go about our daily business.’

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