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Celebrating 15 years, Pro-Design has now been developed to offer optimum results for high speed inkjet printing.

Pro-Design was originally developed for use with laser printers. Taking full advantage of developments in high speed inkjet technology, the new range now provides the inkjet market with the same excellent results that professional laser printers have depended on for a decade and a half.

The key to the Pro-Design optimisation is the application of ColorLok technology, incorporated into the paper during manufacturing. When printing occurs, ColorLok interacts with the ink pigments to ‘lock’ them at the surface.

In an inkjet printer, Pro-Design with ColorLok provides more vivid colours, bolder sharper blacks, faster drying time and reduced smearing. For laser printing, it delivers consistent sheet moisture content and surface smoothness. Standard filler particle size reduces wear and tear on critical printer components. Other benefits include validated surface electrical properties and improved performance to help reduce paper jams and misfeeds.

All papers in the range are manufactured on a single machine, ensuring perfect consistency – along with a 99.99% jam free guarantee. Pro-Design is suitable for all finishing treatments – from stapling, perforating, folding and binding, to laminating, varnishing, sealing and embossing.

And to mark the 15th anniversary of its introduction, Pro-Design now comes wrapped inside new, more elegant and modern packaging – showing the ‘True Power of Design’.

‘For 15 years, International Paper Europe has continuously invested in the Pro-Design brand. Today we are proud to offer its advantages not just to laser print professionals, but to those in the fast growing high speed inkjet segment as well,’ commented Gerald Demets, commercial director Paper and Board, European Papers.

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