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Birmingham based bakergoodchild has revealed how designers, agencies and marketing brands can get the best results from printed direct mail, after the company reported seeing a revival in this market.

The success and increase in spend in direct mail is being put down to it being more targeted at the customer in their home environment, so the more impact the piece has, and the more attractive it is, the more likely the customer is to read it.

According to bakergoodchild, there are several ways of improving your return on investment and attracting and gaining customers attention via direct mail. The company found that there is a definite green or environmental advantage to be gained, with customers more likely to respond to a specifically targeted and personalised item, thereby reducing wastage. As bakergoodchild only deals with ISO 14001 accredited suppliers, there is a guarantee that materials will have been sustainably sourced, thereby ensuring that products, such as paper, will have come from forests that have been properly managed. All of which can all help to increase response rates.

Other key factors include a tailored and personalised content, with the latest offers and promotions being highlighted, all of which help to increase the customers perception of the company targeting them. Acknowledgement and thanks for previous purchases are also appreciated, as is accurate and correctly addressed information so clean and verified data is particularly vital, all of which help to increase customer satisfaction and provide a tangible return on investment.

Statistics provided by bakergoodchild have found that 98% of customers found personalisation a principal factor, whilst 68% revealed that image personalisation helped to enhance a direct mail campaign, and some 56% of consumers said they would be more inclined to use a retailer if the personalised experience was of a good standard.

More advice on this subject can be found on bakergoodchild’s website at

Managing director Lorraine Burnell stated, ‘It is clear from what we are seeing in our business and from our own findings, that personalised print has a more powerful impact on the consumer, due to the effort that goes into producing a campaign. Therefore, any help or suggestions we can give our clients to help them produce a successful door drop campaign that has the wow factor, we feel is appreciated and of benefit, with a clear return on investment.’

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