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Ormerods Ltd of Rochdale has become the latest recipient of silver ‘Productivity Print’ awards from MPL Ltd, UK distributor for RMGT B1 presses, service provider for existing Mitsubishi machines, and a division of M Partners. The awards have been presented for two presses – one B1 and one B2 – that have enjoyed over two years of printing without loosing a day of production.

Richard Parker production director at the company said, ‘Press reliability is becoming ever more important in today’s printing business. We need to produce to ever tighter deadlines and, in labels, delivery times are critical – we don’t want to stop a bottling line, for example, simply because our labels haven’t arrived on time.’

The B2 format six colour plus double coater Mitsubishi Diamond 1000 and the B1 format six colour plus coater Mitsubishi Diamond 3000 deliver reliable, quality printing over a double day shift at Ormerods – though the business can switch to 24 hour production at particularly busy times.

The near 140 year old business is still family owned, and a well known employer in the Rochdale area. Henry Ormerod established the company in 1879 as a show card and label printers, primarily serving the local cotton industry in Rochdale and the surrounding areas. Label printing is still the mainstay of work produced, but other packaging and commercial work is also undertaken.

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