Enveco orders second Horizon BQ-270V just months after first

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Enveco is supporting its rapidly expanding book export service by investing a second Horizon BQ-270V within a couple of months of its first.

The deal for the Intelligent Finishing Systems supplied solution was signed at Ipex.

Business development manager of the Milton Keynes operation Dhruman Shah explained: ‘Our book production with design led covers is growing very quickly which is why we have invested in the second binder. We are being asked to do more and more designs so needed the extra capacity.’

The greetings cards envelope specialist’s thriving book production business exports to countries as far and wide as the US, Canada and Australia.

Dhruman explained the new BQ-270 perfect binders joined a smaller older single clamp system: ‘Having the binders means we can be more flexible with production. We can increase the capacity without having to change too much else in the production workflow. We also know and trust the capabilities of the Horizon BQ-270 so adding a second was an easy decision.’

As for return on investment he said: ‘I think both the first and second Horizon BQ-270s binders will pay for themselves very quickly depending on the work we are winning.’

The Horizon BQ-270V single clamp perfect binder offers high quality perfect binding and on-demand production of variable thickness books. The binder includes an automated, sensor activated digital caliper system which consistently measures book block thickness and automatically transfers this data to the binder for quick, automated set up for books of different thicknesses. It features a large 10.4″ intelligent colour touch screen, job programming, and a compact configuration.

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