Amcor inspires action in Asia to address plastics in the ocean

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At a Responsible Business Forum (RBF) in Singapore, David Clark, vice president, sustainability at Amcor, shared a ne report on recycling initiatives in Asia. ‘Most marine plastic originates from countries where consumer economies developed faster than their ability to manage waste. And more than half comes from just countries in Asia,’ he said. ‘The report, ‘Toward Circularity of Post-consumer Flexible Packaging in Asia’, proposes how Amcor and others can further increase efforts to recover and recycle flexible plastic packaging,’ added David.

Sumangali Krishnan, head of research and strategy from Gone Adventurin', who compiled the report, says that efforts must include a multi-stakeholder approach and local government participation is key. ‘Our findings show that solutions need to embrace the segregation of packaging at source, support material recovery facilities, and ensure a financially viable end solution,’ said Sumangali. The report provides an up to date picture of what is being done today in India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. During the RBF panel, David described Amcor's contribution to protecting oceans and encouraged greater collaboration to address the issue more urgently in Asia. The Singapore forum attracted business and leaders, along with representatives of United Nations (UN) agencies and non-governmental organisations, from across the region.

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