RHM thrilled with the capabilities of Kongsberg X44

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RHM has produced graphics since 1964. Based in North London, and working with clients such as the V&A, Pink Buddha and Imagination, the company boasts impressive production and installation teams, priding itself on attention to detail.

A visit to CMYUK’s Shrewsbury showroom earlier this year allowed it to have a demonstration of the Kongsberg X44 digital cutter. Its versatility and 3KW router made RHM’s decision to purchase the X44 an easy one.

Stuart Boyce from RHM commented, ‘Seeing the machine first hand was great, we were able to really understand the potential the machine would give us – both the roll fed conveyor system for our flexible media and the powerful 3KW router for all our rigid work. The ease of use with respect to changing tools, media types and user interface when setting up new files was much easier than we anticipated. On delivery, the engineer profiled all our material types, all we have to do now is choose the material from a drop down list, meaning anyone can operate it.’

A recent installation at the Building Awards, printed on Foam PVC and finished on the Kongsberg with ease.


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