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Spanish printer Imedisa based in Alcorcon, Madrid has retrofitted its Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 8P press with the latest low energy UV technology manufactured by Benford UV.

Imedisa made the investment into UV as it wanted to have the ability to print on uncoated stock and increase productivity.

‘At the beginning, we thought the switch to UV was going to be more difficult than it has been,’ said Alejandro Rodriquez of Imedisa. ‘We are still in the process of adaptation but we haven’t had any problems so far.’

‘We had to change the rollers, blankets and wash up solution,’ added Alejandro.

Benford was on hand to install, demonstrate and train staff in how best to use the system.

The eco UV system uses low energy UV inks that have been available on the market for quite a few years now. These are readily available from nearly all ink manufacturers. ‘We didn’t have any problems at all finding new inks,’ continued Alejandro.

‘Production has increased, as the paper/board can be manipulated straight away after being printed with the benefit of not having to use anti set off powder since we get an instant dry of the inks.

‘It is good that we now have access to new possibilities in the printing market and look forward to printing on new substrates such as plastics in the future.’

‘It was a pleasure to work with Imedisa and see them benefiting from the advantages of UV,’ said Marc Boden from Benford UV. ‘We have been in UV for 30 years and it is always satisfying to see a customer who is more than happy with what we provide.’

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