ABS scores new account through Huddersfield Town Partnership

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Elland based ABS UK has secured a new client, Pure Business Group, through its partnership with Huddersfield Town Football Club.

Following an expansion back in August 2017, Pure Business Group, a legal services business, opened a new head office in Liverpool to add to its Prescot and York bases.

ABS UK has implemented a print solution with a proactive managed services solution at the newly opened Liverpool head office, which will simplify the print workflow for all staff, provide accurate device usage and automated ink and toner ordering.

The print solution ensures users print only what they need, preventing unnecessary printing and waste. The solution also protects the all important document confidentiality, as no document is printed until the user is present at the multifunction device, with the addition of end-end encryption.

ABS has also installed 11 new printing devices. The devices are also fully branded with photocopier vinyl stickers which adds to an already colourful, modern office space.

Robert Mares, group head of risk and compliance director at Pure Business Group, commented: ‘We have been extremely impressed with the systems that ABS has put in place at our new site in Liverpool; the print solution it has installed will save us time with regards to reporting, maintenance and ink and toner orders – which are now done automatically when machines are running low.

‘The whole process has been surprisingly smooth; ABS understood our business and its needs and provided us with a solution that has exceeded expectations in terms of improving efficiency and reducing costs.’

ABS UK’s marketing and CSR director David Lees commented, ‘We are delighted to be working with Pure Business Group and are confident that we can provide print services of the highest quality.

‘We highly value our partnership with Huddersfield Town and hope to continue developing lasting relationships with our fellow partners as the season continues.’

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