Jet Press 720S investment boosts business card production at Bluetree Group

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In mid 2016 Rotherham based Bluetree Group made an investment in a Jet Press 720S, enabling it to boost production, increase flexibility and slash turnaround times, all while maintaining the high standards of quality that have helped to build its reputation.

‘Our online customers expect quality, they expect a very high level of customer service and they expect fast delivery,’ said Bluetree Group joint managing director Adam Carnell. ‘We pride ourselves on delivering on all of these demands and our investment in the Jet Press 720S is helping us to improve our levels of service still further.

‘The main reason behind the investment decision was our desire to set up a dedicated business card production cell,’ Adam continued. ‘Quality is critically important to everything we do – and when it comes to business cards, it is especially important as it is all about making a strong, positive first impression to new contacts.

‘We tested a range of digital presses and found that, in terms of quality, the Jet Press was far and away the absolute leader. It was the only digital press we had come across that gave us the confidence that we could continue to deliver business cards at the level of quality our customers had come to expect.’

The Jet Press 720S now forms the backbone of Bluetree Group's new business card production unit, alongside carefully selected finishing kit. As well as improving the speed with which the company can deliver business cards to customers, it offers the opportunity for value add personalised finishes, including UV spot colours, embossing and rounded corners.

‘The Jet Press has given us the ability to offer 'next day' business cards,’ Adam added. ‘Customers can order before 5 pm and receive their cards the following day. A turnaround that fast is only possible thanks to the Jet Press.

‘Since installation we have had very high levels of uptime – far in excess of any of our other digital platforms – and that means excellent levels of productivity. If required, we can print up to 1.5 million individual business cards in a single day, all on the Jet Press.

‘Colour consistency, from first sheet to last sheet has also been hugely impressive – it is a GMG certified proofing device, which gives you an idea of just how impressive the colour consistency is. Customer feedback on the quality has been excellent. In fact, we even ran a 'spot the difference' marketing campaign soon after installing the press, enclosing business cards printed both on the Jet Press and on our existing litho technology. Three quarters of respondents said they thought the quality of the card printed on the Jet Press was superior.

‘We are seeing an ever developing trend among our customers to demand faster and faster turnaround times. The Jet Press is invaluable in this respect, helping us to excel even more in this key area. In fact, we are now so good on turnaround times that we have taken a giant leap as a business and started to target new customers on the east coast of the US. We can print here in the UK and deliver to the customer two days after their order is placed, beating local competitors both on price and on turnaround times.’

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