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Reach for the rainbow: go full spectrum with NeverTear

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As businesses increasingly look for innovative ways to take their communications up a notch, Antalis is reminding printers of the benefits to be had by making full use of the colour capabilities of the Xerox Premium NeverTear range.

According to latest research, 85% of consumers believe colour plays a huge part when purchasing a product, with 80% revealing that colour is ultimately responsible for brand recognition. The result is mounting pressure on businesses across a full spectrum of sectors to ensure their marketing and internal communications are not only informative and on brand but also ooze aesthetic appeal.

As such, the Xerox Premium NeverTear range, currently available in 14 vibrant colours including pastel hues, presents printers with untold opportunities to tap a growing segment of sectors looking for greater colour capabilities for creating paper based communications that really hit the mark.

The range comprises a highly durable, tear proof and waterproof film that can be printed on using colour and mono laser printers – making it suitable for high quality digital printing and outdoor applications such as safety signage, clothes tags, menus, placemats and table tents, to name just a few.

By combining Premium NeverTear’s enhanced colour range with white and metallic toners, customers can achieve truly striking designs by optimising colour vibrancy that gives outstanding image quality, as well as high opacity.

In the office environment, the distinctive shades can be applied for documentation solutions, such as medical, legal and education documentation on colour coded pages, whilst within retail, the Vivid Red can be used to identify sale or clearance items. What is more, in an industrial setting, Premium NeverTear’s writable surface can produce easy to see colour coded tags to clearly identify work in progress documents and items due for inspection.

On top of this, for customers looking to boost their green credentials, unlike laminated documents, which cannot be recycled, Premium NeverTear’s special aqueous surface coatings means it can be recycled and reused as a filler for items such as concrete.

Susana Marambio, head of Channel for Office at Antalis, commented: ‘Amid the upsurge of digital marketing in recent years, printers need to remind their clients that consumers retain information better when it is communicated via tangible channels such as signage, brochures and menus, where the use of colour is increasingly linked to its effectiveness as a marketing tool.

‘And what better way to create stand out than using NeverTear’s extensive range of colours to create eye catching and high quality finishes for frequently handled documents and outdoor applications. For the enterprising printer, it is an apt time to hammer home the benefits that this truly innovative range can offer, not just in terms of marketing communication, but more importantly in terms of safety and sustainability.’

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