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The EU Ecolabel for converted paper products is committed to reducing the impact of converted paper products on the environment.

Established in 2014, it offers a single European reference for eco responsible converted paper products, including stationery products, paper envelopes and paper carrier bags. It is part of the EU Ecolabel scheme, which is managed by the European Commission and by authorities in every EU Member State, and is a voluntary and transparent scheme certified by an independent third party.

The criteria for obtaining the EU Ecolabel for converted paper products are stringent and encompass the entire product life cycle; from the harvesting of trees through the paper manufacturing process and the conversion into office products, to final use and recycling. The EU Ecolabel therefore guarantees a low environmental footprint throughout the entire supply chain. This is reassuring for all customers, making it easier for them to choose between products as they can be safe in the knowledge that they are making the most sustainable, environmentally friendly purchasing decision. Although the criteria are strict, the certification process has been designed to be simple and flexible; it is also an inexpensive alternative with low fees compared to private labels.

‘More and more public authorities and private companies are striving to make sustainable purchasing decisions,’ explained Virginie Ori, director of at Hamelin Group, which hhas been accredited with EU Ecolabel certification for its products. ‘Procurement policies often require proof that a given product complies with a certain set of environmental standards. The EU Ecolabel for converted paper products meets the ISO 14020 standard, which establishes the basic principles for development and use of environmental labels and declarations. It is also based on criteria that are stricter than FSC or PEFC, providing complete reassurance for buyers. Being recognised throughout Europe makes it easier to sell certified products across the continent, adding value to the business and showing customers and end users what a given product stands for.’

The ecolabel requires the use of paper or board substrates sourced from sustainably managed and certified (FSC or PEFC) forests, but goes much further, ensuring a low environmental footprint throughout the entire supply chain. Thus, the EU Ecolabel contributes to energy savings, waste avoidance, sustainable recycling loops, and it helps to limit the pollution of air and water.

For manufacturers of stationery products, envelopes and paper carrier bags, the EU Ecolabel certification provides a clear and strong message to consumers and corporate buyers that the products they purchase are the best choice in terms of environmental impact.

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