Horizon StitchLiner Mark III and Foliant Taurus NG join Resource’s Bindery mix

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UK marketing services provider Resource has chosen a next generation StitchLiner Mark III with three x VAC-600 collators and a Foliant Taurus 530 NG laminator from IFS to elevate their internal service provision and improve productivity.

Based in Leeds, Resource was established in 1996 and has grown and diversified significantly. Primarily a printing company, they now provide full marketing, design and mailing solutions. Since moving to new premises in 2014, they have invested significantly in an extensive capital expenditure programme to future proof the continued development of the business.

The Horizon StitchLiner Mark III replaces a 12 year old StitchLiner with twin tower VAC-100 collators. It had completed 24 million books. Resource’s operations director David Woodcock stated: ‘It did a great job for us. It worked well with our digital and litho mix but we wanted a system that could complete A5 landscape booklets faster. The new StitchLiner is 40% more productive on those jobs but it is also quicker and more efficient all round. The six station deep bin towers are more effective than the old ten station towers and they support one-person operation.’

The next generation Horizon StitchLiner Mark III builds on the hugely successful innovative StitchLiner series. Complete with servo drive technology, the system runs at a maximum speed of 6000 books per hour and up to 12,000 books per hour with two-up production. It can produce A4 landscape booklets at speeds of up to 5300 books per hour.

Equipped with a new large 12.1" HD colour touch screen there is also a quicker and more precise knife movement and variable thickness production as standard with new Hohner 52/8S stitching heads.

Despite having a StitchLiner already, David did look at what else was on the market before making the investment. He said, ‘We obviously know the StitchLiner really well and the other systems we reviewed were not comparable when looking at section fold systems. The ability for the StitchLiner to handle flat sheets suited our mix much better.’

He added, ‘It is an intrinsic part of our service delivery and provides us with the best flexibility.’

The Foliant Taurus 530 NG is the next generation version of the popular SF system. The 40 metre per minute, B2+ compact and fast industrial laminating machine is equipped with a suction feeder, high speed bump separator. Options include non sticky roller pallet stacker or foiler.

‘We had never had lamination in-house before,’ said David. ‘We had always sent it out which impacted our turnaround times. Bringing lamination in-house puts the control back in our hands – especially with the short run work. Now we don’t have to build that time in. We are always looking for ways to speed up the process and investing in the Taurus allows us to do that.

‘We have worked with IFS for a number of years so when we started looking at laminators we naturally reviewed the Foliants. We also know several people that use them. We knew what we were going to get.’

Bindery manager Alan Williams with Resource’s new Horizon StitchLiner.


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