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Herzog+Heymann, specialist in custom folding machines and a member of the MBO Group, is holding its annual open house in Bielefeld, Germany from September 19 to 22, where Friedheim International will be escorting key customers to the event. Visitors will get the chance to see six lines from the market segments of pharmaceutical folding, mailing, matching, dispensing, packaging and fulfilment.

One of the highlights among the machines on display is the T24 Pharma Line with a wealth of integrated innovations. The machine is efficient for the production of outserts for pharmaceutical applications.

The T24 Pharma Line contains many new components which have not been featured before. For example, the new continuous feeder has an increase in working width of 80 mm. The parallel folding unit has 24 buckle plates which allow zig zag folds. It is the first folding unit from Herzog+Heymann with the ergonomically designed, removable slitter shaft cassette for which the MBO Group holds the patent. At the ideal height, all tools and strippers can be adjusted quickly and precisely, outside the machine – this means the operator does not have to lean inside the machine and can work in comfort and safety. The slitter shaft cassette therefore permits a one-person operation and a reduced setup time.

The parallel folding unit is followed by three knife folding units, the second and third of which are equipped with an integrated belt press – these two knife folding units are extremely narrow with a working width of only 150 mm. After the folding process, the outserts are sealed using a sealing labeller from the Multivac company. A Keyence camera system then measures each product and checks that the final size of the outserts is correct; faulty products are removed automatically during on-going production.

The packaging machine at the end of the T24 Pharma Line is also a completely new development from Herzog+Heymann. It sets up the outserts, compresses them and places them in trays. The trays are fed in and out automatically, which saves a lot of labour for the machine operator. Flat subjects will be inserted upright standing in medical instruction sheets or flyers, closed by a label and automatically packed into cartons. High volumes of manual inserting processes will be automated and save costs during the production.

If you are interested in the Herzog+Heymann open house event, please register via e-mail info@herzog-heymann.com or alternatively contact your partners at Friedheim International.

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