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Since January 2017, Onlineprinters has acquired more than 400,000 new customers and is now proud to welcome the millionth customer. ‘One million customers – this number stands for an abundance of creative printing products we have implemented for our customers over the past 14 years,’ said Dr Michael Fries, CEO of Onlineprinters.

The company has also unveiled an art print ‘Customer Globe’ that has been randomised with Mosaic software in collaboration with the gyro advertising agency. Some 1000 individual copies of it will be produced and presented to long standing customers. ‘Nowadays, there are no limits to creativity in online printing. Our art print stands for the diversity of our customers and their projects. Each of one thousand printed copies of the series is based on the same draft, yet it is one of a kind,’ Michael continued.

Today, Onlineprinters mainly delivers its products to business customers in more than 30 European countries. The company achieves some 30% of its total turnover in Germany operating as Between 2012 and 2014, the ‘export’ turnover has become increasingly significant.

With the acquisition of UK based Solopress, and with LaserTryk – a market leader in Scandinavia – joining the Onlineprinters group, Onlineprinters now ranks among the top three online print shops in Europe.

People from 40 nations work together to make Onlineprinters a success: ‘Wherever many nationalities come together, it only works with tolerance and respect. This is what our corporate culture is about,’ emphasised Michael.

Onlineprinters welcomes the millionth customer with the ‘Customer Globe’ art print.

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