Swanline Paper and Board creates a splash with Cygnus Eco board launch

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Cygnus Eco Board is an environmentally friendly display board. Its resistance to moisture makes it ideal for temporary outdoor signage and short term moisture sensitive single use signage and packaging.

Cygnus Eco Board is the perfect alternative to foam boards, foam PVC, fluted polypropylene, PE coated materials, HIPS and other plastic composites – even aluminium composite. It is suitable for offset, screen and UV flatbed digital print techniques, has exceptional ink adhesion and can be digitally or die cut.

Available in a range of callipers (310, 430, 520, 830, 1250, 1500 2200 micron), Cygnus Eco Board is perfect for a wide range of applications including; ‘For Sale’ signage, bollard covers, plant pots, product trays, shelf strips and mop trays to mention but a few. The board is fully recyclable, in fact it can be recycled up to eight times, it is compostable and biodegradable and so it can be disposed of in the normal paperboard waste stream.

Ross Griffin, managing director Swanline Paper & Board, commented: ‘We are extremely excited to share this new range as it offers an environmentally friendly alternative for numerous packaging and point of sale applications. Many people assume there will be a compromise in using an environmentally friendly board; either it will be more expensive than, or not as durable as, plastic alternatives. However, we have put the board through its paces and have conducted a wide range of trials over the last 12 months. We know this board can withstand extreme weather conditions and be used for a variety of applications.’

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