SpectroDens integrated in Oris CxF Toolbox

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Techkon's compact spectraldensitometer ‘SpectroDens’ is recognised by many users for its easy handling and intuitive operability in colour measurement.

Not only in Europe, but worldwide, many users rely on the modern measurement device, which – as its name suggests – combines the capabilities of a highly accurate spectophotometer and an easy to use densitometer, making it an attractive device for most printing houses.

To provide an optimised workflow for all users of the SpectroDens, it has now been integrated within Oris CxF Toolbox software.

Users can select the device in a drop down menu and all colour measurements can be read in and processed very easily in the Oris CxF Toolbox software, specially developed for the effective and consistent communication of brand and special colours.

‘It is very important for us that our customers can easily use and combine the hardware they want with Oris software. Their workflow should work perfectly with all the desired functions. With the SpectroDens we have integrated a popular measuring device that further expands the available possibilities and allows our customers even more flexibility,’ explainsed product marketing manager Bernd Rückert.

Oris Certified//Web, the web based quality control system from CGS, has supported the spectral densitometer for some time.

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