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PCS partner with CRC to increase recycling

Green Solutions

Plastic Card Services (PCS) has announced that it has entered an exciting new partnership with Community Recycling Consortium (CRC), a charitable computer recycling group.

CRC collects redundant computers and machinery to be repurposed. The goal is to use these old computers as a ‘vehicle for the training and employment of people with mental health issues or physical disabilities who might, otherwise, not have an opportunity to access adult training courses or employment,’ said Steve from CRC.

‘At PCS we periodically replace computers and often have superfluous machines. We are incredibly pleased that these can go to a new home where they could benefit those with disabilities and learning difficulties as opposed to simply being thrown away, where no one benefits. We already recycled old printer accessories and toner cartridges, and this is a great way to further develop this concept,’ explained Adam Unsworth, managing director of PCS.

PCS champions responsible business practices as standard and continuously strive to lead the way in implementing more environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices.

Adam added, ‘Although our standard PVC is fully recyclable, we also offer an alternative eco degradable alternative that looks and behaves exactly as the standard product but has an additive in the substrate which reacts with enzymes when disposed of properly allowing the card to degrade in a much shorter time. It is a good option that gives the high level of quality and functionality required, giving people the choice of either a recyclable or degradable product.’

‘The world is changing for the better regarding environmental sustainability and efficiency. It is PCS’s view that it is our duty to continue these initiatives and find more ways we can harmonise our processes, without creating unnecessary waste, and where waste is produced that it is disposed of in a responsible way. Through leadership by example we hope other companies will join us in doing their bit for a more responsible and green future,’ he concluded.

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