DP Lenticular expands sustainable offering with 75 LPI Lenstar Eco

April 16, 2019

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DP Lenticular has responded to market demand for a sustainable lenticular sheet with the launch of its 75 LPI Lenstar Eco. Samples of the new grade will be shown for the first time at IST’s UV Days 2019, in Nürtigen, Germany, 13 to 16 May 2019. 


‘Customers are increasingly asking us for more environmentally conscious products,’ explained DP Lenticular's founder and managing director Daniel Pierret. ‘Our Lenstar Plus resin is specific so using PET bottles was impossible. It could also result in increased quality control issues.’



Replacing DP Lenticular’s popular Ecolens range, 75 LPI Lenstar Eco has been developed with Pacur to support a more transparent approach to sustainability while ensuring the high quality of the lenticular image remains the same. It features 50% industrial recycled resin. It is extruded to the same specification as 75 LPI Lenstar Plus ‘Lite’ and has the same 406µ elliptical lens. 


‘For our 75 LPI Lenstar Plus 'Lite' customers the only difference is the 50% industrially recycled resin,’ stated Daniel. ‘There is no difference in terms of ink adherence or 3D or animation effect. The price will be similar too.’


As with all LPI Lenstar Lenticular’s range 75 LPI Lenstar Eco can be printed on almost all offset printing presses and will be available in the small 52 sheet size so that there is no need for sheet cutting.


The product has been developed to help printers achieve their sustainable goals. It is specially designed for offset printing and offers superior product performance. Created with ease of cutting and finishing in mind, it delivers high optical clarity, great impact resistance, print receptivity and press stability. 


Full pallets are stored in Antwerp (Belgium), and in Ireland in small quantities. The sheets are palletised with 1500 sheets per pallet. Orders for small quantities can be placed online through a dedicated web shop at www.shop.dplenticular.com


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