Bobst Speedwave 2 technology arrives at Competence Centre

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Bobst will be bringing its revolutionary Speedwave 2 technology to the Bobst UK & Ireland Competence Centre based in Redditch, in May. The patented device, specifically designed for Expertfold 80 and 110 folder-gluers, reduces set up time and enhances speed, quality and productivity.

Speedwave 2 is the latest no-hooks device for running crash lock and various other special boxes on Expertfold 80 and 110. It paves the way towards achieving incredible production speeds, considerably reducing downtime and setting times. It is associated with exceptional folding quality and significantly higher productivity.

Stuart Alvey-Taylor, sales manager, BU sheetfed, said: ‘Speedwave 2 is the second generation of Bobst Speedwave technology and an exceptional device for Expertfold 80 and 110 machines. Extremely easy to set up and highly ergonomic with one button for all settings, the device requires 80% less tooling to be set and offers a more stable folding process throughout the speed range.

‘It is great to see its arrival at the Competence Centre in Redditch and we look forward to showcasing its innovative features and benefits to our customers.’

The centre provides customers with the chance to gain the skills and techniques they need to get the most out of their Bobst machines during tailored training courses run by expert process specialists. Delegates are trained in a controlled, focused environment so they can concentrate fully on obtaining the skills needed to take back to their workplace.

Customers visiting the centre will observe the Speedwave 2 offering enhanced precision in folding quality for crash lock boxes, without any moving device or traditional lock bottom hooks. Among its noteworthy features, Speedwave 2 includes a fully motorised set up of the wave, eradicating mechanical settings and cutting set up time by almost half. The device also improves functionality with better consistency, less noise and maintenance.


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