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New Imprima LJ plate for label printers now available

Packaging Solutions

Toray Graphics has introduced a new waterless offset printing plate, Imprima LJ. The company developed this plate specifically for label printers looking for a high quality, high durability water washable plate that provides printing stability and significant sustainability value. With printing resolution up to 175 lpi, label printers can be assured of producing even the most demanding jobs with ease at a quality customers will love. Plus, the Imprima LJ plate is 200% more durable than comparable waterless offset printing plates.

This thermal negative CTP printing plate uses a standard imaging wavelength of 830 nanometres. It is ideal for label production but can also be used for a wide range of other applications, including CD/DVDs, loyalty cards, metal decoration and for printing on non-absorbent substrates.

These plates are also ideal for printers using UV curable inks as well as for sheetfed and on web presses that require production quality such as density stability during the print run. Its high resistance to chemicals and UV inks makes it an extremely durable plate. It also offers excellent screening at 1-99% with 36 micron FM or hybrid screening, and 2-98% with AM screening at 175 lpi.

Since this is a water washable plate, it requires no chemicals in the developing process, and it can be processed in most available waterless processors. It also does not require post baking. This makes it easy to insert into any offset workflow and results in low-cost processing.


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