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Premier Print growing turnover with new press investment

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London based Premier Print has announced details of its latest press investment. The new RMGT SRA1 format 924 LED-UV features four colour printing, LED-UV instant drying, simultaneous fully automatic plate change, Ryobi Matic D dampening, and a 55 inch screen press monitoring station. The press has been supplied and installed by the UK’s official RMGT distributor MPL.

The company has benefited both from the compact design of the RMGT press, with its B2 sized footprint, and the significant productivity boost offered by the SRA1 format.

Gary Goodson, director of Premier Print, said: ‘We reviewed all of the options, taking a look at a number of press demonstrations. The RMGT stood out due to its unusual format, high quality, and excellent LED-UV capability. Space was one of the limiting factors for us and RMGT provides a lot of press in a small footprint!

‘Because of the format and the automated features of the machine we were looking to add more than double the capacity of a B2 press, along with a reduction in costs due to cutting out a significant proportion of overtime. The impact is already beginning to show: March 2019 was in fact our highest turnover month ever – a 20% increase compared to March 2018.’

Brother and fellow director Darren Goodson added: ‘Not only can we now run eight pages to view rather than four, but the simultaneous fully automatic plate changing capability cuts make ready times by more than half.’

Reductions in plate costs, the elimination of powder spray, and lower power consumption are offsetting the increase in the UV ink costs. ‘With the higher ink costs covered by those factors, the true benefits of having a dry to the touch sheet at the delivery end of the press can then be seen as a major plus in its own right. The fact that we can then move work rapidly – either for immediate back up or straight into post-press for folding and finishing – means higher productivity all round, with jobs moving out the door quickly, rather than sitting on the floor drying,’ said Darren.

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