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Qualvis conscious of ethical packaging

Packaging Solutions

Qualvis has produced a range of fully compostable and recyclable packaging for the organic, vegan, raw chocolate maker, Conscious Chocolate.

Conscious required new branding across its range, which included some new products. The 60g bar has 11 varieties, including Orange and Tangerine, Love Potion No 9, Goji and Coconut, and Maca and Spirulina. It also offers five flavour options in a 30g bar.

Richard Pacey, sales director at Qualvis, said: ‘We advised printing on the textured surface outermost to give a tactile effect, but with a double coating of a gloss water based varnish it still had the textured effect but ensured the pack had ‘a real lift’ on the range of vibrant colours. We printed both the front and reverse of the packaging with Corona vegetable based inks. These inks are full biodegradable and in line with the sustainable brief we were given, in addition to advising the use of MM-K’s Accurate material which is fully biodegradable to EN13432. The main logo has been foil blocked to enhance the overall visual of the pack.

‘The structural design features an innovative glued re-closure system, with a user friendly tear perforation, allowing consumers to easily reseal the pack. The design is UK and EU design rights registered.’

Conscious has been handmaking vegan chocolate since 2004. Following a surge in demand for ‘free from’ and vegan chocolate, together with consumer pressure pushing for home compostable, fully recyclable, plant based packaging, it is a crucial time for the brand to draw in a wider customer base with an update that reflects the quality offering.

Emma Jackman, founder and director of Conscious Chocolate, said: ‘Qualvis made our dreams a reality. We developed a very close working relationship with the company, which gave us confidence and trust in what it was able to achieve.

‘It took over a year to make this all happen, from designing the packs, through to choosing the material and finish. It is no easy feat to produce fully compostable and recyclable packaging, which still looks great and holds its integrity. The team went that extra mile to fulfil the brief. We were hugely impressed with the professionalism and dedication.

‘We love the finished product; it has exceeded all expectations. It perfectly reflects the brand we have worked so hard to produce.’

The re-branded range has now launched in retailers across the UK.

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