Baker Labels invests in new Truepress Jet L350UV+ LM

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The first major investment of 2019 for Baker Labels is a Truepress Jet L350UV+LM. This is an updated version of the current Truepress inkjet printer already in place at the company. The L350UV+LM offers an increased colour gamut including orange ink along with the CMYK set and white ink. Orange ink enables richer reproduction of vivid colours, adding to the visual appeal of fruits and other foods. The new press also offers low migration inks improving safety for food package labels plus it benefits from a chill roller that increases stability for thin materials and unsupported films. This will allow Bakers to offer a significant increase in the range of packaging and label applications that can be printed.

Following the expansion of the Brentwood factory premises in 2018, Bakers has increased floor capacity by 50% and managing director Steve Baker has been keen to make the most of the increased space and expand and explore future packaging options and capabilities. This more than £500,000 investment is just the beginning.

‘This is a top piece of kit and perfect for our continuing efforts to improve the quality and service we offer our trade customers,’ Steve Baker, managing director at Baker Labels.

The Truepress Jet L350UV+ is able to print the finest of detail, capturing the highest definition and the smallest of text point size, crucial on pharmaceutical and cosmetic labels. In addition, its incredibly stable transport mechanism tightly controls paper feeding to maintain optimal transfer conditions. This precision is essential for producing detailed dot codes such as QR and barcodes, as well as any other security printing requiring a high level of accuracy

The new Truepress Jet 350UV+ will print alongside the current Truepress purchased in 2015, three HP Indigo WS6900s and the Nilpeter FB3. All of which are supported by quality finishing on a range of AB Graphic Digicon finishers including the two Series 3 presses purchased in 2018.


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