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Stephens & George to take its tenth B1 Speedmaster XL

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After achieving just over six million impressions a month on its first Push to Stop Speedmaster XL 106-8-P press in the first ten months of production, Stephens & George has placed an order with Heidelberg for a replica machine that will arrive in late autumn and be delivered to the recently extended press hall.

The 18,000 sheets pe rhour press ordered will feature Autoplate XL 2 plate changing, Prinect Inpress Control 2 register and colour control system, Intellistart operating system and CutStar reel to sheet device which allows the plant to cut work to specific formats with minimal waste and to run lower weight stocks.

The Push to Stop configuration means that the press itself will continue to print job after job automatically with minimal operator intervention.

‘We have been hugely impressed by Heidelberg’s autonomous printing technology,’ said Andrew Jones, fourth generation managing director of the Merthyr Tydfil company. ‘Operators have to learn to trust the technology but once the mindset is established it is a very productive and efficient process. It enhances the control and means our customers get the quality and rapid service they require.’

This press will replace an older machine, meaning the company retains 40 units of Speedmaster XL 106, including one 10 colour, one five and coat and three eight colour B1 presses. Since the launch of the Speedmaster XL 105/106 platform Stephens & George has taken delivery of a total of ten presses. It has a policy of continual re-investment in the latest technology.

With Polar Pace automated cutting and high output Stahlfolders TH82-Ps already in place, Stephens & George is well placed to cope with the anticipated increase in productivity this new press will generate. The company also offers perfect and PUR binding, saddlestitching services, mailing and distribution with its own fleet of vehicles. It can also offer design and digital publications services.

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