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New Airplus Void Recycle from Storopack

Packaging Solutions

The new film, Void Recycle, produced by protective packaging specialist Storopack, is ideal for companies who take sustainability seriously. This air pillow film consists of polyethylene (PE) and at least 50% recycled material. It offers the outstanding material properties of PE, which is both durable and robust, and also helps conserve resources. The recycled raw material within the film comes in part from Storopack’s in-house production and is fed into the film production process in the form of recycled plastic granules. Further recycled material is sourced externally.

‘Recycling is a continuous process when it comes to using materials efficiently and sustainably. Indeed, it is often possible to use leftover materials to make new protective packaging without compromising on vital properties,’ explained Hermann Reichenecker, executive director at Storopack. For some time now, the company has been using recycled raw materials in a variety of packaging materials: the product portfolio also includes Paperplus recycled paper, which is made completely from recycled material, and Pelaspan packaging chips, which comprise more than 90% recycled EPS.

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