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Heidelberg to hold ‘Power your digital output’ open house

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Heidelberg will host its Autumn Open House on Thursday, 14 of November, under the name ‘Power your Digital Output’. The event gives printers the opportunity to experience first hand the production advantages a company can gain with fully integrated Versafire digital presses, together with Heidelberg’s Prinect workflow.

The company’s experts would like to present to you just how far they have come with the Prinect Digital Print Manager, in conjunction with the Versafire digital production presses and demonstrate the tools that let you work with Prinect in a hands-on environment, but above all else, they want to inspire you. They want you to think about how a Prinect workflow and Versafire can transform your business.

With ever tighter deadlines and the reduction of job profits, the Prinect Digital Print Manager is becoming an essential addition to today’s high performance companies. At the event, the team will also explore multiple other issues faced by printers, including how press speeds can be increased by focusing on representative applications; how the quality of production can be improved and warranty costs and customer complaints minimised without heavily investing in expensive and time-consuming proof processes like test prints; and how businesses can focus on print quality and consistency with Heidelberg Colour Management.

‘As deadlines get shorter and job profits are squeezed, you need to fully exploit every advantage you can in order to win new customers and keep existing clients. Experience how your business can grow by harnessing the power of automated digital production with Versafire digital presses driven by a fully integrated Heidelberg Prinect workflow,’ said Chris Matthews, digital equipment business manager.

Both the EP (Performance) and EV (Value) variants work in tandem with the Prinect digital front end. Heidelberg will also demonstrate the XL75 litho press and the CS 92 LED-UV at the event, which will allow visitors to see how the company can control colour across both technologies and how litho and digital can be used in parallel and at the same time.

‘Prinect enables you to concentrate on what matters. It offers all necessary imposing, composing, preflighting, colour management and workflow server functions in one package of Product and Workflow Automation,’ said Jacob Hededam, head of Prinect at Heidelberg NE Cluster.

Both Chris and Jacob will give presentations at the event, whilst a team of Heidelberg demonstrators will produce a range of different jobs on Heidelberg digital and litho presses, alongside a complete range of estimation and job administration solutions, post press equipment, finishing and consumables products at the event.

Other suppliers who will be present for this open house event include:

  • Morgana, offering a variety of digital finishing solutions.

  • Vivid Laminating technologies showing foiling applications created using Versafire toners.

  • The Magic Touch, with its heat transfer technology that’s ideal for branding of personalised goods.

  • International Graphic Supplies offering its Titanium range of smart digital cutting systems.

The open house will be operational 10 am to 5 pm on the 14 of November, with refreshments and lunch provided for visitors.

Visitors should register with Nicky Higgins by calling 020 84903733 or e-mail

Register for the ‘Power your digital output’ open house.

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