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AMS launches magazine wrapping system that works with compostable film

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AMS Mailing Systems has launched the Eco-Mailbag, a new eco friendly magazine wrapping system that works with compostable film.

The Eco-Mailbag wrapping system offers a great way to enclose and mail magazines, brochures and catalogues in a secure manner. As well as improving the security and presentation of mail, wrapped material stands out as soon as it arrives on the doorstep and is appealing to consumers due to the growing awareness of environmental impacts.

AMS’s eco friendly compostable film wrap is highly transparent and made from a by product of potato chip manufacturing. It is certified as fully home compostable. This means it can be easily disposed of with food waste, garden compost or in green council recycling bins. It is also completely biodegradable and contains no oil based materials, plastics or harmful toxins.

Kevin McPheat, managing director AMS, stated: ‘This is an exciting time for AMS. As a mail preparation equipment specialist, we are always looking for sustainable options when launching new products and the Eco-Mailbag offers customers an alternative to using our regular recyclable polythene which can also be used on the system. For our existing Mailbag customers we can retrofit systems by installing our new compostable film conversion kit.’

The Eco-Mailbag wrapping machine is available now and can wrap items up to 250 mm wide including A4 and A5 packs, up to 1300 mail packs can be processed per hour. The Eco-Mailbag is so simple to run, users simply drop their material in the top of the machine, press a button and the pack is ejected automatically fully wrapped.

AMS’s compostable film is in stock now at competitive prices. The film also works on a range of AMS machines including the Autowrap, WrapMatic and X-Bag.

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