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Peel off label adhesives have often had system related weaknesses – for example when dealing with thermal papers or luxurious or critical surfaces. To change this, Herma aims to use its innovative multi-layer technology. With the new 42Rpp peel off adhesive, for example, the penetration of the adhesive through thermal paper that can make printed barcodes illegible over time is now a thing of the past: tests show that even after five months and at temperatures of up to 40 °C the good legibility of the label imprint remains unchanged. This is important, since such labels are frequently used on reusable containers in intralogistics. Their durable legibility is a prerequisite for safe processes. Glue residue left behind after pulling the label off the surface – the so-called ‘staining’ – is no longer a problem. This allows users to apply thermal labels even to high quality, fancy packaging without fear of unsightly residue being left behind. Herma was also able to noticeably minimise the tightening of the adhesive after labelling, ie the reduction of strippability over time due to technical reasons. This is thanks to the multi-layer technology developed by Herma in which two adhesive layers with their own special properties are applied at the same time.

The multi-layer technology is not only useful for thermal labels: the new 42Lpp peel off adhesive has shown an impressive performance on numerous different surfaces and ensures a particularly good strippability from glass, metal and plastic. It is quite resistant to softening agents, and even after being subjected to temperatures of up to 65 °C, its peel off properties remain guaranteed. This property is particularly valuable for users in the glass industry. The so-called ‘ghosting’ – a piece of residue on a surface that had a label on it that may not be sticky, but is still clearly visible and filmy – is no longer a problem with the 42Lpp thanks to Herma's multi-layer technology.

With the new UV acrylate based Herma 42X peel off adhesive, the company offers printers and label users an additional valuable advantage: thanks to small minimum coating quantities starting at 1000 square metres, peel off versions can even be made for special label materials. Even partial gumming can be realised with this adhesive. For example, resealable tabs can be easily realised. Customers thus have a high degree of flexibility in choosing their label materials, allowing them to quickly test under practical conditions if a specific combination of adhesive and label material is suitable for the desired application. In principle, the 42X ensures good adhesion as well as strippability on a multitude of substrates. At the same time, it offers optimum resistance against water, cleaning products and oils and shows no increased stickiness over time – this means that strippability remains guaranteed over longer periods.


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