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Colourform takes the plastic out of packaging for health and beauty challenger

Packaging Solutions

Blending innovative solutions with a growing eco conscious consumer mindset, Colourform has collaborated with a new player in the health and beauty market, to deliver a completely plastic free packaging design.

Mondays is the only period product subscription service to be 100% plastic free – from product through to packaging. The brief was very clear – a pretty colourful box, made of moulded fibre, free from plastic, that would look beautiful on display and fit perfectly in a bathroom cabinet and go through a letterbox.

Part of the James Cropper group, Colourform, offers brands a packaging solution that is fully renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Made from 100% renewable wood fibre sourced from responsibly managed forests, and high-quality content from James Cropper’s own recycling plant, it can be created in any shape, colour and texture.

Cathy Hollis, sales manager at Colourform, said: ‘This partnership demonstrates how design briefs are evolving. New businesses like Mondays are able to challenge big global players by attracting the ever growing group of consumers who will only choose brands that are kind to the environment.

‘Mondays is using Colourform as an alternative to traditional packaging because it recognises the commercial value in responding to the consumer demand for brands to do better.’

Nancy Saddington, co-founder of Mondays, said: ‘By setting a new, higher standard for circular economy packaging solutions we are leading by example. Consumers today don’t want to have to sacrifice luxury or aesthetics when making a plastic free choice. The Mondays box looks fabulous on display and brings a luxurious touch to a previously neglected product category.

‘With Colourform as our partner, the packaging we use is completely free of any form of plastic.’

As a subscription brand, the initial brief specified that the Mondays box needed to be designed in a way that would ensure it could fit through a letterbox. However, during the design process this changed as the box also needed to fit a mix of 25 Mondays period products inside, to accommodate the average number of products a woman uses each cycle. The final design was created in a rectangular shape, with embossed branding, that accommodated the variable product compositions.

Following work with the likes of Lush and London’s Floral Street, the collaboration demonstrates Colourform’s capability and belief that creative partnerships are the way to tackle the waste issues that exist today.

Cathy continued, ‘We recently worked with a futurologist who predicted that as consumers mount pressure on brands to deliver sustainable ‘beyond the box’ experiences, we will start to see everything from boxes that vanish, augmented reality in beauty to shape-changing materials which encourage second use.

‘Mondays is a great example of a step change that we should start to expect as standard.’

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