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See Delipac at Packaging Innovations

Packaging Solutions

Delipac will be exhibiting at Packaging Innovations at the NEC this week.

Delipac is a renewable barrier packaging board ideal for the packaging sector.

It is white backed paperboard with an innovative aqueous dispersion coating. It is a capable, sustainable and recyclable alternative to non eco friendly barrier substrates and is suitable for a myriad of applications.

It is fully recyclable in any paper waste stream, fully compostable, fully biodegradable, and sustainably made barrier packaging for food and drink.

Delipac is ‘zero plastic’ made from natural fibres from sustainably managed forests – and PEFC accredited.

It answers so many requirements. It is freezable, microwaveable, ovenable, heat sealable and suitable for and endless array of food and other related packaging applications. It repels grease, odour and moisture, and dependent on pack construction, can offer extended freshness if sealed appropriately. It is also completely impervious to mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOH) and thereby negates the need to use expensive low migration inks – and it is cost effective too.

Moreover, Delipac answers increasing concerns about the possible long term effects to health and the environment relating to plastics/polymers in packaging, and also from chemicals emanated by ink migration.

And, at end of life, Delipac is completely biodegradable, fully recyclable and compostable (will decompose within 12 weeks).

Delipac is located on stand J21 in the Ecopack Hall.

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