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Pregis receives ISCC Plus

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Pregis has received an International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC Plus) for air cushioning produced in its Heerlen facility in The Netherlands.

ISCC Plus is an EU based global certification system that supports the implementation of environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production in global supply chains. It covers all sustainable feedstocks, including agricultural and forestry biomass, biogenic wastes and residues, circular materials and renewables.

Pregis’ void fill air cushioning, made on its Mini Pak’r machines, is ISCC Plus certified according to a mass balance approach. The ‘circular economy’ certification means that the raw materials used to make the air cushioning come from other ISCC chain of custody members and are traceable.

‘We are proud to have a highly regarded, third party organisation confirm that our air cushion product line has a minimum share of 50% (mass balance basis) from a second generation renewable source. In our case, this is natural waste from trees. The content we use is not suitable for consumption, and therefore does not impact the food chain, as is the case with starch-, corn- or grain-based materials,’ said Johan Kennis, product director, Pregis.

This latest environmental accreditation effort by the company represents another example of its efforts to support a circular economy by creating the highest quality products, while maximising recycled content and reducing raw material dependence.

‘Our corporate social responsibility approach informs most decisions we make throughout the organisation, and indeed is reflected by our commitment to include recycled content in all of the air pillows we produce. These efforts help decrease waste and increase the amount of recycled materials recovered. We also strive to inspire our employees, customers and consumers to think more sustainably and give back to our communities,’ Johan said.

This ISCC Plus accreditation is the most recent example of a long list of global environment initiatives in which Pregis participates. Most recently, it joined Circular Economy Flexible Packaging (CEFLEX), a European consortium of companies and associations representing the entire flexible packaging value chain. It also recently announced that it had joined the Alliance to End Plastic Waste which has a $1.5 billion investment goal over the next five years to help end plastic waste.

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