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New compact two side and wraparound labeling machine

Packaging Solutions

The new 362E two side labeling machine from Herma has a modular design and handles large batches just as efficiently as small. It is ideal for those who need to frequently change batch sizes.

Thanks to its compact design and user friendliness, it is ideally suited to buffering production peaks or for quickly setting up a new production line.

It is ideal for labelling products such as disinfectants, cleaning agents, shampoos, shower gels and roll on deodorants.

Thanks to reliable product alignment and stabilisation, with the 362E, it is possible to label up to 200 products per minute on the front and back.

Furthermore, the 362E can also be converted to different product dimensions very quickly. This labeling machine has digital position displays on all important setting options for this purpose. These make it possible to record and reproduce optimum settings for every product. Simple format changes can therefore be implemented quickly.

The 362E can also be easily converted from two side to wraparound labeling. Depending on the requirements for the labeling performance and precision, three different options are available for wraparound labeling of the products.

The product formats to be processed range from two side labeling of 30 x 30 x 30 mm to 200 x 120 x 300 mm (l x w x h). With wraparound labeling, the range of possible products is between 20 x 30 mm and 100 x 250 mm (w x h).

With the enclosed stainless steel substructure and an integrated control cabinet, the machine is robust and structurally stable. The space requirement is very low – based on the efficiency of the machine. The 362E is fitted with two Herma 500 applicators as standard for two side labeling. A third applicator can also be integrated, as well as all standard hot foil printers and thermal transfer printers. Many other options can also be integrated/implemented, such as the installation of a control system for label detection and subsequent product rejection or the option of wraparound labeling alignment.


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