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Paper industry calls for recycling: more important than ever

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The Covid-19 crisis is unprecedented.

The paper value chain is committed to keep its operations to deliver all essential paper products, such as hygiene products, including toilet paper, packaging for food or pharmaceuticals, whilst taking all necessary measures to protect workers, suppliers and customers.

The European Paper Recycling Council (EPRC) is asking all authorities to enable crucial industries such as paper to continue production and to facilitate transport and cross border shipments for the supply of these goods. ‘In these critical times, it is more than ever important to keep the supply for our industry running, in order to secure packaging for essential products,’ said Angelika Christ, chairwoman of the EPRC.

The new circular economy action plan recently published by the European Commission recognises separate collection as a prerequisite for the circular economy. With a recycling rate of 71.9% and even 84.6% in packaging, the paper and board value chain depends on paper for recycling. Separate collection of paper for recycling from households and supermarkets, but also its sorting and transport to paper mills are an essential part of this supply chain.

Recently, some cities have announced they might have to reduce separate collections or close sorting centres due to the current crisis, but recycled fibres are an essential raw material that is much needed at this time.

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