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Calling all aspiring cardboard engineers!

Packaging Solutions for parents and kids!

The Alexir Partnership has created packaging toolkits to keep both parents and children entertained during these unusual times. Simple packaging templates will be uploaded daily onto its website to encourage the younger generation to get out their safety scissors and crayons, make their own cartons and learn about packaging along the way! Additionally, every week there will be a different theme.

Click the image above to find out more.

There will be Easter themed templates for parents to download and print at home in the run up to one of the kid’s favourite bank holidays of the year. You will be able to cut out and construct your Easter related cartons and either colour them in yourself or choose the one that has already been designed. At the end of the first week, the kids will have a collection of cartons in multiple shapes from bunnies to carrots, just in time to put their mini eggs in.

Use #alexirkidsathome on social media for us to see all of your amazing cartons!

Find out more here

Happy Easter!

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