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‘19 Artists versus Covid-19’

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‘19 Artists versus Covid-19’ is a limited edition poster project by Italian paper manufacturer Fedrigoni, printed by Push London, in collaboration with 19 artists, to show support in the fight against Covid-19. The project was proposed and organised by Alvaro Lopez, a London based Spanish graphic designer and one of the 19 artists. The initiative aims to raise funds for NHS Charities Together, a federation of 250 charitable organisations who support the National Health Service, its staff, volunteers and patients, in the United Kingdom.

The project features an international collective including Alan Kitching, Pablo Amargo, Noma Bar, Sarah Boris, Michael Curia, Nick Cook, Piero Di Biase, Mario Eskenazi, Vince Frost, Gotz Gramlich, Michael Gibb, Henrik Kubel, Nina Jua Klein, Alvaro Lopez, Rob Lowe, Morag Myerscough, Shweta Malhotra, Alejandro Paul, and Matt Willey.

Each creative was asked to design an A1 poster based around the current global pandemic, interpreting the message ‘Stay Home’ and social distancing.

This universal slogan has been an important message during these unprecedented times, and has been vital at slowing down the rate of infections across the world.

Alvaro Lopez, who issued the brief, said: ‘Every day I hear the news and I am in awe of the bravery and dedication of key workers.

‘I was at home, on furlough, and I felt the need to somehow help. I believe being at home can give you a different perspective on how to think and it can be genuinely inspiring. Tough times are always a source of creativeness, it is in our human nature.’

The posters were printed one sided lithographically on a Heidelberg Speedmaster by Push London. The designs used up to four Pantone colours and are a limited edition of 75 copies per design. Each poster was embossed with the Fedrigoni shield and hand numbered. The choice of paper was based around the Fedrigoni Plus collection, stocked in the UK and available for next day delivery.

Although the message was constant, the design results were varied. Many were typographical in particular Alan Kitching, Morag Myerscough, Nick Cook, Piero Di Biase, Vince Frost, Alejandro Paul, Michael Gibb and Mario Eskenazi. A few were influenced by medicine and the charity the project supports, such as Alvaro Lopez, Gotz Gramlich, Shweta Malhotra, and Noma Bar. Others were architecturally themed and inspired by the artists’ homes, like Sarah Boris, Pablo Amargo, Michael Curia, Nina Jua Klein, Henrik Kubel, Matt Willey and Rob Lowe.

Each poster is unique and they convey the range of emotions that come with this situation, from the loneliness of self-isolating, the frustration of social distancing, the security of our homes, the struggle of daily routines, but also showing an appreciation for keyworkers, a positive outlook on our future and the hope of overcoming this pandemic. Most of all, it shows how we come together as a community.

The posters are being sold online at for £19 (including VAT, excluding postage), with all profits going directly to NHS Charities Together. The first edition of each poster will be sold by auction at a later date. Once the lockdown is lifted and offices reopen, all 19 posters will also be exhibited in the Fedrigoni London Studio in Clerkenwell.

In addition to Fedrigoni UK and Push London, the 19 artists would like to thank Premier Paper and UPS for supporting this project.

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

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