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Antalis announces winner of #GetCreative

Positive About Print

Antalis has announced the winner of its #GetCreative competition designed to provide a happy distraction for children – and a moment’s respite for parents – while schools are closed.

When Antalis announced the competition on social media at the end of March, requests from parents for one of the several hundred specially prepared packs of free paper flooded in. Each pack contained two sheets of five different coloured papers selected from Antalis’ Keaykolour and Pop’Set Creative Papers ranges.

To enter, children had to submit a drawing on their favourite colour chosen from their #GetCreative pack of paper, along with a note about why they chose the colour.

Katie Farr, Antalis’ marketing and communications manager, said: ‘With schools closed and parents looking for ways to keep their children entertained, we thought a colouring competition might be a nice way to ignite creativity. It has also been lovely for us at Antalis to see the entries come in from our nation’s talented children – they have helped to bring a little joy to a lot of people during this uncertain time.’

Rather than try to choose a ‘best’ picture, the winner was drawn at random. The lucky iPad winner was six year old Brooke Hunter who chose Keaykolour Pastel Green for her drawing of a panda surrounded by bamboo.

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