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Stora Enso introduces innovative low carbon paperboard

Packaging Solutions: Positive About Print

As brand owners look to lower their environmental impact, Stora Enso’s new plastic free, lightweight board designed for premium packaging, helps customers decrease their carbon footprint and meet the needs of consumers looking for eco friendly products.

Performa Light by Stora Enso is a renewable and recyclable board for premium folding cartons typically used in packaging of chocolate and confectionery, as well as beauty products.

Performa Light allows for 70% reduction of CO2 emissions in production compared to competition due to fossil free energy production and a patented fibre treatment technology, FiberLight Tec by Stora Enso, to save energy and raw material. The board has a very low weight and an improved strength due to microfibrillated cellulose in the structure, resulting in less waste and lower CO2 emissions in transport. On top of the strong environmental performance, customers will benefit from Performa Light’s high print quality due to its whiteness and brightness. ‘Consumers increasingly choose brands who enable them to lead eco friendly lives. By offering a low carbon product for chocolate packaging, we can help confectionery brands meet this demand by making a difference in the battle against climate change,’ says Öystein Aksnes, vice president, Liquid Packaging and Carton Board at Stora Enso.

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