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Arconvert-Ritrama at one with nature with Eden FSC

Packaging Solutions

Eden FSC, a new self-adhesive paper, now forms part of the eco friendly Manter range.

Arconvert-Ritrama has introduced the natural paper that is made up of 50% dried grass fibres and the remainder of pure natural cellulose fibres. Besides the unique grain of the face material, colour, and the fact it even smells like grass, the innovative composition also ensures the lowest possible environmental impact.

The word ‘Eden’ conjures up many images in the mind's eye and when you delve deeper into the root meanings of the word from the original Hebrew, you discover that the Hebrew words for ‘pleasure’ and ‘delight’ are both derived from the same root word for Eden.

The paper's appearance may vary depending on the specific batch of grass used in production, making each label unique. It will always transmit the values of a sustainable, organic, natural and eco friendly product.

With the AP1300 adhesive that features excellent clarity and water whitening resistance, the label can be guaranteed to perform to a high level even when immersed in wet and cold conditions.

Eden FSC AP1300 WG74 was specifically manufactured for the labelling of wines, spirits, craft beers and cosmetics.


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