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AmFiber Performance Paper packaging range expanded

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Amcor has announced the expansion of its AmFiber Performance Paper packaging range in Europe to include heat seal sachets for dry culinary and beverage applications, such as instant coffee, drink powders, spices, seasonings, and dried soups.

AmFiber Performance Paper is a recyclable, high barrier, paper based packaging that was initially introduced in 2022 for snacks and confectionery. Appearing on store shelves today for prominent snacks and confectionery brands, it offers high barrier protection against oxygen and moisture, with excellent performance on brand owners’ packing machines.

In addition to expanding its application to new product categories, the company has invested in manufacturing capacity to meet growing demand for this kind of paper packaging. It has integrated a leading edge production line in its Alzira plant in Spain, in support of its global businesses. The production line is equipped to provide both cold and heat seal AmFiber packaging, delivering airtight seals to guarantee the proper product protection through the supply chain and along the full shelf life.

The advanced equipment at the Alzira plant – along with the team’s extensive experience in barrier technology, printing, and sealing processes – make it one of Amcor’s Centres of Excellence for flexible paper based packaging.

‘AmFiber Performance Paper offers brands the best of both worlds,’ said Ilya Syshchikov, vice president, global product management AmFiber. ‘From a technical point of view, it delivers high barrier and excellent machinability. From an environmental point of view, it is PVDC free, available in FSC certified paper, and recyclable in most European countries. In fact, independent recycling tests conducted by organisations such as Aticelca and PTS, have demonstrated an impressive material recovery rate during the recycling process.’

He added, ‘We have many exciting projects in our research and development pipeline for paper, and this expansion into culinary and beverage packaging is another important milestone toward developing recyclable paper packaging for all the segments we serve.’


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